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Lunch Bag Love Notes Important Days & Holidays

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What kid doesn't love a cute note in their lunch bag? Lunch Bag Love Notes help you reach 'parent of the year' status with minimal work!

From all of the fun days at school to counting down the last week to summer in notes, your child is bound to feel the love and excitement you share.

This edition of Lunch Bag Love Notes contains notes for the following days: PJ Day, Field Trips, Orange/Blue/Pink/Purple shirt days, Anti-Bullying day, the 100th day of school, Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Thanksgiving, New (school) Year, March Break, Easter, Earth Day and many more!

Note: If you want these notes to ship lettermail for $4, send me an email and I will refund you $6 from your shipping cost. (Please note that letter mail has no tracking and we are not responsible for lost items) 


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